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The human shoulder is such a remarkably useful and flexible joint that we simply expect it to work properly all the time. When a musculoskeletal injury or condition suddenly makes that normal operation impossible, the resulting pain can rob you of your ability to work, play, or even sleep through the night. Fortunately, most shoulder pain can be relieved without heavy drugs or invasive surgery, thanks to conservative techniques such as chiropractic adjustment. Here at Ezrin Family Chiropractic, we're proud to serve as your source for shoulder pain chiropractic care in Newton, MA.

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The Story Behind Your Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder is a more complex joint than you might think. Beyond the ball-and-socket structure that permits such a wide range of motion, the shoulder must make use of multiple muscles, connective tissues, and fluid-filled, friction-reducing sacs called bursae. Damage or disease in any of these components can lead to serious shoulder pain which may be either acute or chronic in nature. Shoulder pain may be the result of:

  • Strains and sprains - Overuse or excessive stress on shoulder muscles and tendons can tear these tissues, a condition known as a strain. It can also stretch ligaments, producing a sprain.
  • Bursitis - Acute or overuse injuries can inflame the bursae, causing the pain and stiffness of shoulder bursitis.
  • Dislocation - A severe jolt to the shoulder can dislocate the "ball" from the "socket" in your shoulder, causing intense pain. Once you've had one dislocation, you're more likely to have future dislocations.
  • Rotator cuff injury - Damage to the rotator cuff, the four muscles (and their tendons) that mobilize your shoulder, can cause acute pain. Lying on the affected shoulder may be too painful to even attempt.
  • Frozen shoulder - Frozen shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis, is a painful condition often caused by long periods of immobility. People who have had their arm in a sling for months, for example, may develop frozen shoulder.
  • Tendinitis - Tendinitis, chronic inflammation in a tendon, may develop in shoulders that have been subjected to heavy stress with insufficient time to heal up.

Solutions From Our Shoulder Pain Chiropractor

For safe, effective treatment of your condition, come visit our shoulder pain chiropractor, Dr. Ezrin. A detailed evaluation of your shoulder's structure, symptoms, and medical history can help us isolate the cause of your pain. Injured or inflamed soft tissues can be treated with conservative methods such as diathermy, laser light therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation. Problems with the shoulder joint alignment can be corrected with chiropractic adjustments to the joint itself. On the preventative front, periodic chiropractic checkups can help us identify and correct any little shoulder problems that might turn into big shoulder pain without treatment.

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