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When your neck isn't functioning, neither are you. Neck pain can bring much of your normal life to a grinding halt, making even simple tasks agonizing or impossible. That's when you need the all-natural solutions available from your Newton neck pain chiropractor at Ezrin Family Chiropractic.

Neck pain comes in a variety of possible forms, from the sharp, sudden pain generated by a devastating accident to the chronic ache and stiffness of a degenerative condition. The two most basic categories are acute neck pain and chronic neck pain. Acute neck pain is associated with a specific, curable problem, and tends to resolve itself as that problem heals. Pain that lasts for months after an injury has subsided, or which is associated with an incurable or irreversible problem, is considered chronic. Neck pain may originate in cervical vertebral joints, pinched nerve tissue, strained muscles and tendons, or sprained ligaments.

neck pain treatment from our newton chiropractor

Where did your neck pain come from? Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash - Whiplash is an acute injury caused by the whip-like motion of the head when your body comes to a sudden stop, as in a car collision. This motion damages the neck's soft tissues, dislocates the cervical vertebrae and vertebral joints and can produce herniated cervical discs that press against major nerves. Untreated whiplash can form scar tissue that leaves you in chronic pain.
  • Degenerative issues - Cervical spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis of the cervical spinal joints can cause chronic neck pain. Cervical joint inflammation may also occur due to bulging discs that have lost some of their height.
  • Postural problems - If your job or everyday routine encourages you to adopt a stooped posture or drooping head, you can develop a case of a chronic neck strain. Mobile device users often experience this problem as a condition called " text neck," but a poorly-positioned computer monitor can also encourage it.
  • Untreated cervical misalignment - Your head weighs several pounds, so if it isn't balanced perfectly on the top of your cervical spine, the resulting imbalance can place your neck under constant, painful stress.

Holistic Treatments to Treat Your Neck Pain

Dr. Ezrin can diagnose the precise cause of your neck pain, which means that he can then treat that underlying cause instead of simply numbing your symptoms. Cervical vertebral problems respond well to chiropractic adjustments that restore normal joint position and function. Correcting your upper cervical alignment can also take a lot of strain off your neck muscles. Spinal decompression therapy creates a gentle vacuum pressure that relocates bulging and herniated discs to their proper positions. Low-level laser therapy and physiotherapy can relieve pain and promote healing in your neck tissues. We can combine these treatments into a customized "whole-body" program.

Experience the Chiropractic Care Neck Pain Sufferers Trust

If you're ready to experience the Newton chiropractic care neck pain sufferers trust, call 617-969-0166 today. We're ready to help you feel better!


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