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The staff at Ezrin Family Chiropractic invite you and your family to our natural healing center when you are suffering from back pain. Our back pain chiropractor, Dr. Ezrin, uses your body's natural strengths to overcome back pain and prevent future back pain episodes. If you are searching for relief of back pain in Newton or the surrounding areas, our friendly staff welcomes the opportunity to provide chiropractic care for you. We understand that back pain relief is often needed in the upper, middle or lower back, depending on the injury or condition. For example, if you have recently been involved in an auto accident, you may be experiencing upper back pain due to whiplash.

back pain treatment from our chiropractor in newton, MA

Upper back pain also occurs when you have poor posture or a muscular imbalance that may be rounding your shoulders forward. For others, pain in the middle back may be due to a herniated disc, muscle strain, overuse or spinal misalignment. Lower back pain also has a variety of causes such as spinal abnormalities including scoliosis and kyphosis, poor posture, degenerating discs, sciatica, muscle weakness and herniated discs. These causes are evaluated by Dr. Ezrin to determine exactly why you are in pain. Then, our back pain chiropractor puts together a unique plan of action to bring you back pain relief.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in Newton

Your back pain may appear suddenly if you are injured while playing sports, on the job or during a car accident. In other cases, back pain may slowly worsen from a dull, irritating ache to a pain that is almost debilitating. This type of back pain may be due to a repetitive career or activity that continues to irritate the muscles, ligaments, and bones in your back. Regardless of how your back pain appears, Dr. Ezrin determines the cause of the pain and the best ways to treat it. The chiropractic treatments for back pain in Newton include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments- the position of your spine is key to reducing your back pain. Dr. Ezrin gently manipulates the vertebrae to allow freer movement and pain-free living.
  • Hot and cold- Dr. Ezrin may use hot and cold therapy to reduce inflammation and pain while at the same time supporting faster recovery from muscle injuries
  • Laser therapy- a low-level laser is used to stimulate healing in injured muscle cells
  • Electrical muscle stimulation- EMS supports muscular growth and recovery without interfering with an injured spine
  • Nutritional support- our health team shows you which foods and supplements support healthy back pain recovery

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Dr. Ezrin and the staff at Ezrin Family Chiropractic want to support you in your back pain relief efforts. Using all natural techniques and food choices, Dr. Ezrin eliminates the cause of your back pain instead of simply covering up the pain. You feel better almost immediately and with continued care, reduce your back pain altogether. To learn more, please call us today at 617-969-0166.


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