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What Conditions Does Our Newton Chiropractor Treat?

Our Newton chiropractor wants you to know that we treat more conditions than back pain. You may associate chiropractor care with back pain since chiropractors focus on improving spinal health. In addition, our chiropractor, Dr. Ezrin cares for many other conditions such as headaches, migraines, allergies, fibromyalgia, and injuries. The health team at Ezrin Family Chiropractic want to be your first thought for care when you are struggling with pain or an injury. We use a holistic and natural approach to restore you to your optimal well-being.

our newton chiropractor treats many conditions

Personal Injury Treatment

A personal injury does not have to happen suddenly. It may, in situations such as a slip and fall or during a sports injury if you have an impact injury such as a concussion. Other personal injuries may occur slowly over time if you overuse a joint or muscle, have poor posture or are required to perform repetitive motions for your career. Some of the personal injuries Dr. Ezrin diagnoses and provides treatment for include back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner's knee, frozen shoulder and neck pain. Dr. Ezrin evaluates your pain and then uses a personal injury treatment plan that includes services such as adjustments, hot and cold therapies, laser therapy and muscle stimulation to alleviate discomfort and restore you to full mobility.

Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Chronic back pain is evaluated by Dr. Ezrin to determine the source of your pain. Some of the reasons for chronic pain in your back include spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis, herniating or degenerating discs, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle imbalances, poor posture, and injuries. If your back pain has increased in intensity or has suddenly appeared, we encourage you to visit with Dr. Ezrin to begin immediate chronic back pain treatment. Dr. Ezrin uses gentle chiropractic adjustments to position your spine in a pain-free way. This allows for proper healing and reduces nerve pressure for conditions such as sciatica. When a spine is naturally aligned, discs are also able to restore themselves which eliminates your pain.

Auto Accident Treatment

Auto accident injuries are successfully treated with chiropractic care in Newton. Dr. Ezrin urges you to visit us as soon as possible following an auto accident, so you can begin recovery without delay. If you are experiencing neck, back or joint pain following an auto accident, you may be struggling with whiplash, a herniated disc or muscle strains. Our auto accident treatment includes services to reduce inflammation such as hot, cold and laser therapies. Dr. Ezrin also uses gentle adjustments to position your body for healing. Then, we help you restore your strength and mobility with nutritional support and exercise guidance.

Call Our Newton Chiropractor Today!

Chiropractic care for injuries and chronic conditions is a natural approach to pain relief and healing. Our chiropractor uses your body's own healing abilities by encouraging proper alignment for circulation and nerve flow. If you have never visited a chiropractor, Dr. Ezrin meets with you to discuss how our holistic approach works to boost your overall health. Call us today at 617-969-0166 for more information. 


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