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June 2018

Ezrin Family Chiropractic Dr. Stuart Ezrin Very good!

Woody T. Waban

May 2018

Dr. Stuart Ezrin, 1464 Beacon St, Waban, MA 02468, (617) 969-0166 Know him for 20 years, great doctor, great experience, immediate improvement!

Marsha V. Waban

November 2017

I saw Dr. Ezrin for the first time a few months ago.  I had a pinched nerve in my neck and had visited 2 chiropractors prior to seeing him.  I had terrible experiences before finding him.  Dr. Ezrin was amazing from my first consultation onward.  He took x-rays, thoroughly explained my issue and spent quite a bit of time with me each session.  In a few sessions I was already feeling better.   He is funny and a miracle worker!  I highly recommend him to anyone having any issues!  His receptionists are great too and helped me so much when I was dealing with some insurance coverage issues!  An awesome experience all around.

Maria D. Revere, MA

June 2017

Dr. Stuart Ezrin at Ezrin Family Chiropractic is spot on! I've been treating with him for 6 years. I'd been through the gamut of PT and accupuncture for chronic lower back pain and sciatica without sustained pain relief. Dr. Ezrin is thorough, highly knowledgeable about health and wellness of the body as a whole and is personable. Stuart Ezrin DC 1464 Beacon St. Waban, MA 02468 617-969-0166

Ruth F. West Newton, MA 

March 2017

I'd like to thank Dr. Ezrin, Michelle, and Lynn    for helping my husband and I to live a better quality of life.  I started my treatment with another office but it was not producing result like my husband had with Dr Ezrin.  So I gave him a try,  the result is night and day.  Highly recommend Dr. Erin to anyone.

Kay D. Newton, MA

March 2015

Dr. Ezrin is a miracle worker! I've been seeing him since February and my ailments are non existent. I had chronic migraines, neck pain and hip pain. All gone! He created a plan for me and I've followed through on my visits. I've recommended him to everyone I know. You won't be sorry and his rock n roll knowledge is an added bonus!

Meghan M. Watertown, MA

August 29, 2013

I have been to my fair share of chiros in the Boston area and none are as thorough, professional, and caring as Dr. Ezrin and his staff. Most importantly, I have been pain free for the past 4 months! Dr. Ezrin is genuinely interested in my health and progress, and takes every avenue possible to ensure I am free of pain and discomfort. I return to Dr. Ezrin not only because of the great staff, but because I have consistent results and a smile on my face to prove it!

Craig H., Melville, NY


November 20, 2012

I have gone to 11 different chiropractors over the past 15 years.  Some were very good and some were certainly not.  Each time I moved, I had to try different chiropractors until I found the right one.  Does that qualify me as some sort of connoisseur???

I have certainly found the right chiropractor in Dr. Ezrin.  My back problems require long term and frequent care.  Sometimes the pain can get bad and I really look forward to my visit.  I know that he will bring relief!  Dr Ezrin is not only fantastic at adjustments, he also uses many techniques to bring relief.


JP P., Groton, MA


November 7, 2012

I started seeing Dr. Ezrin due to a back and neck injury.  I was in a lot of pain.  Dr. Ezrin not only treated me with chiropractic, but was always researching and coming up with out-of-the box ways to treat my pain.  He is creative in his thinking and extremely well versed in not only chiropractic care, but holistic health and nutrition.  I have always and will continue to recommend Dr. Ezrin.

Tina D., Medway, MA


November 2, 2012

I've been going to Dr. Ezrin for the past five years. After a severe fall from a ladder, Dr.Ezrin had a huge impact on my recovery. He has done so much for my well-being and overall health with my chiropractic care.
He's very knowledgeable, professional, personable and easy to talk to.

Quality = Excellent

Chiqui H., Wilmington, MA 


October 22, 2012

Dr. Ezrin is an excellent healthcare provider who focuses on the whole person and not just their symptoms.  When I first went to see him I had been having severe back pain and neck pain for over a decade.  Now, in the 20 years since I have been a patient at Ezrin Family Chiropractic, I no longer suffer from pain and I have full mobility. I can do whatever activities I want to without worrying.  Talk about priceless!

Ellen D., Watertown, MA


October 19, 2012

Dr. Ezrin takes the time to fully understand each specific situation and provide a thorough, complete treatment.  I consider visits to him to be time and money well spent.

Catherine B., Newton, MA


October 18, 2012

I highly recommend Dr. Ezrin for his chiropractic abilities, his genuine desire to help his patients and his sense of humor.  He will go out of his way to help and is always my "first line of defense" when I have health issues.

Marla L., Lowell, MA


October 17, 2012

Stuart Ezrin is a fabulous chiropractor, very skilled, open to new ideas and technologies, and a delight.  His staff is always friendly, helpful and courteous.

Having been to a couple of chiropractors in the past, I find Dr. Ezrin's approach to be more hands-on, direct and extremely helpful.  In addition to the support he provides during office visits, his is always available for phone consults and has given me excerises to do at home that have helped my situation.

Alan T., Newton, MA


October 15, 2012

Dr. Ezrin is an outstanding chiropractor with deep knowledge of health and healing.  He listens to his patients, comes up with the best plan for optimal healing, and delivers care in a gentle yet effective manner.  He cares about each and every person he treats.  I highly recommend Dr. Ezrin  if you need chiropractic care!

Anne K.


October 15, 2012

Dr. Stuart Ezrin is a master!  I've been getting my back adjusted with Dr. Ezrin since '95 and he is spot on.  He will take the time to discuss with you how your back is feeling that particular day, then treat accordingly.

His staff is pleasant and the office and treatment rooms are comfortable.  Also, to help you relax, the treatment rooms feature piped in music which is always an interesting mix of artists and tunes.

Karen S., Newton, MA


October 15, 2012

I recommend Dr. Stuart Ezrin for chiropractic care.  He has a conveniently located office in Newton that is warm and friendly with up-to-date equipment and technology.  Stuart is quite knowledgeable in his field, very professional and passionate about providing his patients with the very best care.  I feel 100% confident in his ability to deliver the best in his field.

Gail N., Boston, MA


October 14, 2012

Stuart Ezrin is an excellent chiropractor.  He really cares and is very detailed in his diagnoses.  He takes the time to explain everything he is doing.  I highly recommend Dr. Ezrin.

Andrew B., Needham, MA


October 12, 2012

Dr. Ezrin, has been an excellent chiropractor for every member of our family.  He can "feel" the area of the problem and 'poof!' it's gone, or on the way to going.

We are pleased with his chiropractic abilities. Additionally, all the people to whom I have referred him have been pleased, too.

Steffi K., Newton, MA


October 12, 2012

Dr. Ezrin always makes me feel better.  He is a skilled and caring doctor.

Anne Y., West Roxbury, MA


October 12, 2012

Dr. Ezrin has been my chiropractor for over a year.  He is very knowledgeable, a good listener, and, thanks to his care and treatments, my chronic back pain is under control.

Bill T., Needham, MA


October 2012

Recently I had a problem with my right leg.  The evening before my walk-athon he treated me.  The next day I walked fine for 6.5 hours in the hot sun.  I am grateful to Dr. Ezrin.  He always has a smile.

Aris D., Boston, MA


November 2009

My four year old daughter, Ava, was experiencing chronic ear infections and we were faced with the decision to put tubes in her ears. After some research and discussion with Dr. Ezrin, we decided to give chiropractic a try. We wanted to try something less invasive than general anesthesia and surgery, no matter how small they say it is. Ava had approximately 8 visits with Dr. Ezrin and sure enough, Ava has been free of ear infections now for 6 months which means no tubes! Another unexpected benefit of chiropractic medicine has been that Ava does not suffer from chronic constipation as she has since birth which has eliminated the need for medication on a daily basis. We would highly recommend Dr. Ezrin to take care of your family as he has ours.

Steve and Cindy T., Waltham, MA


October 2009

"Dr. Ezrin is a very skilled chiropractor.  His work is holistic and very effective, and as a result of his adjustments, I often leave the office feeling two to three inches taller than when I'd gone in!"

Judy K., Roslindale, MA


August 2009

"I came to see Dr. Ezrin in January of 2007. My health had been compromised by a recurrent neck, back and shoulder pain that prevented me from getting through my day. I was not just in severe pain, but I was also incapable of turning my head or sleeping comfortably. Driving safely was difficult. Working was difficult. Getting through my day without fatigue was impossible. Pain was a constant.

A colleague highly recommended that I visit Ezrin Family Chiropractic, and I am so glad that I listened to her suggestion. I came to Dr. Ezrin with my list of complaints. He did a full exam and the next day I began treatments. Though I initially was a bit hesitant about the efficacy of chiropractic treatments, I must admit that within a few short days I had already begun to feel some relief. Dr. Ezrin prescribed for me a series of treatments, and in sticking with the treatments, I found that over time, I was completely pain free.

However, my relief went beyond just the eradication of pain. I soon found that I had more range of motion-both in my neck, and throughout my body. A host of other issues that I had experienced for a long period of time, including constipation, foot pain, and fatigue, were drastically reduced or completely relieved. My tension headaches disappeared, as did my sinusitis. For the first time in a long time, I was finally feeling really good.

For me Dr. Ezrin has been a legitimate miracle worker. Better than a year on, I am still living without the horrid pain in my neck and back that had crippled me. I am also living a more abundant life. Beyond his wonderful work on my spine, Dr. Ezrin has also treated my whole person. He has dedicated himself to taking care of the whole me-looking at my person as wholly connected. When I visit Dr. Ezrin, I feel he is at least as focused on my health, if not more so-a trait that is a rarity these days. His understanding of his medical specialty is truly unique.

For Dr. Ezrin, chiropractic care goes beyond adjustments. Dr. Ezrin has introduced me to a comprehensive healthcare system that supports and adds to the efficacy of my chiropractic care. This has included both the Nanogreens product and supplements from Pure Encapsulations. Following a complete nutrition set from Dr. Ezrin in combination with a regular schedule of treatment, I found my life and well-being drastically increased. My energy is at an all time high, I feel terrific, and I am living my life more fully. I can't imagine not having Dr. Ezrin's care as part of my lifestyle, and I am so glad I came to see him when I did."

Julie Ann S., Westwood, MA


August 2008

"Finding Dr. Ezrin meant the end of over ten years of debilitating headaches and neck pain for me. Before I started seeing him, I spent a lot of time and money trying to make my pain end. In spite of all that, my headaches kept getting worse. I kept putting off the chiropractic solution because I was afraid of getting adjustments. By the time I finally met Dr. Ezrin, I was spending several days every month in bed suffering, unable to tolerate light and in too much pain to participate in my daily activities. It was a massage therapist who I had been seeing once or twice a week for months who suggested that a chiropractor might be able to help me. He recommended Dr. Ezrin, who he knew personally, and who had also helped him when no one else could resolve an injury for him.

I couldn't believe how relaxing a visit to Dr. Ezrin is! On my first visit, he listened to my health history, and after a very thorough exam, he took x-rays. On my second visit, he gave a comprehensive review of my condition before beginning my adjustments.

He started with a quick exam of my back and neck, then he placed heated pads down the length of my spine. I was so relaxed by the time he came in for the adjustment, I was almost asleep! Although I had no experience with chiropractic, after a couple of visits I had no concerns at all. Dr. Ezrin is gentle and thoughtful and always explains what he's doing. The adjustments themselves are quick and painless.

It's been three years since I started seeing Dr. Ezrin and I really look forward to my visits with him. I find his method of heating, massaging, and adjusting incredibly relaxing and restorative. I always walk out feeling completely refreshed and well adjusted!

I would strongly urge anyone who suffers from chronic pain to consult with Dr. Ezrin. He is a true healer."

Laurel C., Watertown, MA


"Dr. Stuart Ezrin has been my chiropractor for 16+ years. I have had bouts of sciatica that resolved when I got serious about regular chiropractic visits. I was also treated for unusual headaches, which remained a mystery to my primary care physician. And recently, within weeks of starting treatment for numbness in my right arm I could sleep more easily and comfortably and awake without numbness.

During my years of treatment, chiropractic has been useful in treating colds and flu symptoms, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, and gait issues. Moving to Gloucester several years ago made getting to Dr. Ezrin more difficult, but treatment results speak for themselves and the trip is worth it. Spinal alignment is crucial to one's well-being and I have become a believer and a proselytizer. At my urging, my cousin in another state is currently being treated by a chiropractor for migraines, with good results.

Pamela G., Gloucester, MA

A forever chiropractic patient"

"I want to thank you for all that you have done to improve my quality of health.
I'm still amazed that I have gone several weeks now without a headache which I used to have on a daily basis. I also want to thank you for your great sense of humor which made my visits all the more enjoyable! See you in a month for an adjustment."

 Sue K., Brookline, MA


"Before I came to you my lower back pain was so bad that even simple things like getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and getting in and out of my car were agonizing.  I was popping 8-10 ibuprofen every day, and got no help from my primary care doctor, who said I'd have to learn to live with the pain.  I was amazed at how quickly my back improved once I started treatment with you.  Your compassion was also evidenced by your calls to me on the weekend to make sure I was ok.  Now, I never have the debilitating low back pain and my regular maintenance visits ensure that the simple things stay that way.  Thanks for everything."

 Ellen D., Watertown, MA


"As the 1-year mark approaches since I picked up the phone and made one of the smartest decisions in my life, I thought it would be an appropriate time to say thank you for everything you've done for me concerning my health.  I'm sure I'm one of the few people around who looks forward to going to the doctor's!  Thanks for getting rid of a major headache in my life--migraines!"

 Kathy R., W. Bridgewater, MA

"Dear Dr.Ezrin,

As promised, a quick note of praise and thanks for your helping fix my carpal tunnel, which didn't respond to other interventions. I am playing tennis again which I gave up for over a year, before finding you!

Thanks again,

Sarah B., Newton, MA

"I knew I was in good hands when you identified every area that was uncomfortable by examination, without me saying a word!  You have provided amazing treatment to a serious injury, taking time and care to offer me the best possible outcome.  The results have been increased stability as well as significant improvement.  I like your flexibility of treatment approaches and that you tailor what you do to me as an individual.  I've had good care from prior chiropractors, but you're the best! (Plus I like your sense of humor!)"

Lorrie H., Quincy, MA

"I had a pinched nerve in June 2003 after a hiking trip in Costa Rica. I was incapacitated to the point of not being able to use my right hand.  Dr. Ezrin got me back to full functionality after just a few treatments, and I got an immediate improvement after my first treatment."

Roger F., Brighton, MA


"I've been to over a dozen chiropractors in my life and Dr. Ezrin is with no doubt the most talented and professional.  He's the BEST!"

--Karolyn D., Needham, MA

"I've gone to several other chiropractors and none of them compare to Dr. Ezrin. I was impressed with the way he explained everything he found during his evaluation to me, this way I knew exactly what was causing my pain and could understand my treatment better. That was something no one else had taken the time to explain, he's a great doctor!"

--Juliet, Waltham, MA


"I had been suffering from terrible migraine headaches for 8 years.  I had never seen a chiropractor in my life and didn't think I ever wanted to, but one day I had a migraine so painful that I was desperate for anything that might work.  I walked into Dr. Ezrin's office barely able to open my eyes because the light hurt too much and every sound was excruciating.  After a pretty comprehensive exam, Dr Ezrin explained what was wrong with my neck and what it would take to fix my problem.

This is my second week of care (6visits) and I haven't had a headache for over 1 week! I used to wake up every day with one.

I'm looking forward to a life without head pain!!

Thank you Dr E."

Robin B., Newton, MA.


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